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KOROVA - A Kiss in the Charnel Fields (LP Vinyl)

Art.Nr.: 0035
KOROVA - A Kiss in the Charnel Fields (LP Vinyl)
Avantgarde Metal, Psychadelic, Black Metal

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KOROVA - A Kiss in the Charnel Fields (LP Vinyl)

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The Avant-garde Metal Classic from 1995 remixed & redesigned vinyl edition limited to 300 pcs

01 - Intro: Der Weltenbrand / Das Kreuz Und Der Metzenapfel
02 - After The Fruits Of Ephemeral Pulchritude
03 - Lachrydeus Mittelgard (Slâhan Fôntagr Inn Awêþi)
04 - Entlebt In Tristem Morgenblut
05 - Intro: Im Teich Erlischt Ein Bächlein
06 - Awakening From Perpetual Contemplation (Yellow Mahogany Tomb I.)
07 - Latin Dreams In Turpentine
08 - Nordsciltim - In The Filth Where All Cull Perambulates Pain
09 - Sálømeh, Des Teufels Braut
10 - A Kiss In The Charnel Fields

"Korova managed to create a multiform, idiosyncratic universe, baroque, visceral, encompassing more than just the music – take a good look at the cover artwork or at the vocalist’s custom-carved guitar. Any sort of reflection on the lyrics be left to the listener. Let it just be said that the images of primeval violence and declining beauty conjured up in those morbid tales of demise are of a much more interesting nature than what had been known so far through the aesthetics of death or doom metal or through what would soon become the standard mode of expression of the newly born Norwegian black metal scene. Long before the trend to write lyrics in the native tongue, Korova dared to draw on languages other than English. The riposte is easy against the convenient criticism regarding the use of too many languages as a preposterous display: there is a point! This is no mannerist toying around: on both the musical and textual level, a careful selection was applied to determine which parts were to be sung in which language. Italian in the operatic passages, Gothic and its barbaric sound for the evocation of an archaic heathen world (if not earlier, than at least simultaneously, but above all, independently of any similar Norwegian tendencies), Middle High German in an exalted homage to the heroic verse of Romance, yet the bulk of the album in German and English, and all of it tightly melded together into one florid, hyper-baroque and simultaneously revolutionary, radically modern language. To pick only one, the German text of "Entlebt in tristem Morgenblut” attests the craftsmanship of an original lyricist well versed in the art of poetry, who would move even further with the indispensable but still unreleased Echowelt. And the voice! This voice, protean yet incredibly coherent, shifting from operatic chants to soaring barbaric screams, mastering all stages from growls to shrieks, at times sanguinary, solemn, or agonizing, with echoes of Celtic Frost or a King Diamond in a murderous frenzy, still seeks its peer today."
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Aktueller Artikel KOROVA - A Kiss in the Charnel Fields (LP Vinyl) KOROVA - A Kiss in the Charnel Fields (LP Vinyl)
Art.Nr.: 0035  
Avantgarde Metal, Psychadelic, Black Metal
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